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Wearable Tech Could Help Solve Murder

Police in Australia are reported to be using data recorded by a murder victim’s Apple smartwatch to help catch her killer.


Half Of Households Have Broadband Problems

A survey by consumer watchdog ‘Which?’ has revealed that more than half of UK customers across 12 providers, are having problems with their broadband service or price.


Robots Not Coming For Your Job Just Yet, Says Report

A report by OECD says that previous forecasts may have exaggerated the impact of automation on jobs because the forecasts relied on a broad grouping together of jobs with the same title.


Apple Hires Google’s AI Chief To Help Boost Siri

In a bid to develop Siri and catch up with competitors in the digital assistant battle, Apple has hired Google’s top AI man, John Giannandrea.


UK Universities Are Cryptojacking Targets

The latest attacker behaviour industry report by automated threat management firm Vectra shows that UK higher education institutions are now prime targets for illicit cryptocurrency mining, also known as ‘cryptojacking’.


Tech Tip – Track Changes To Your Word Documents

If, as so many businesses do, you use Microsoft Word, and you have shared documents that others can make changes to, you may find the ‘Track Changes’ feature very useful.