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Tech Tip – Track Changes To Your Word Documents

If, as so many businesses do, you use Microsoft Word, and you have shared documents that others can make changes to, you may find the ‘Track Changes’ feature very useful.

By turning on ‘Track Changes’ you can see who has made changes to your document, you can choose which changes to accept or reject, and you can view and delete comments. This is a great feature for reviewing a document. Here’s how:

On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, choose Track Changes. Word then marks up and shows any changes that anyone makes to the document.

If you turn off Track Changes, Word stops marking up new changes, but any changes that were already tracked remain marked up in the document until you remove them.

On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, in the Simple Markup list, you can choose to view:
– Simple Markup – the default option which indicates where changes are with a red line in the margin.
– No Markup – which hides markup to show what the incorporated changes will look like.
– All Markup – this shows all edits with different colours of text and lines.
– Original – this shows the document in its original form.

In the Show Markup list, you can choose the revisions you would like to see – Comments, Ink, Insertions and Deletions, Formatting, Balloons, Specific people.