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Tech Tip – Get More Value From Your Gmail Account

If, like many people, you have a Gmail account that you regularly use and you want to improve the value you get from your Gmail setup, try features such as ‘Canned Responses’ and ‘Gmail Offline’ (ahead of Google’s planned updates).

If you frequently have to send out the same email message each time to multiple persons, your ‘Canned Responses’ feature lets you prepare a stock message that you can send out when you need it, thereby saving time. To operate ‘Canned Responses’ in your Gmail account:

– When logged in, go to ‘Settings’.

– Select ‘Labs’.

– Look for ‘Canned Responses’ and click on ‘Enable’.

– Type out your stock message and send it when required.

The Gmail Offline feature allows you to read, write and send messages when you’re out of touch, and when you log back in, all your activity will is pushed through Google’s system. Here’s how to set it up:

– When logged in, go to ‘Settings’.

– Select ‘Offline’.

– Click on ‘Install Gmail Offline’.