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Tech Tip – Checking Your Facebook Connected Apps

In the light of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal where a quiz app was used to share personal details without the consent of users, you can take action boost your own security by checking what connected Facebook Apps you have. Here’s how:

– Log into Facebook.
– Pull down the toggle/arrow at the right top of the Facebook screen to reach the account details.
– Choose ‘Settings’ from the list.
– On the General Account Settings page, scroll down and select ‘Apps and Websites’ in the left-hand menu.
– The next page shows the Facebook applications that have been given account access, e.g. fun apps, and productivity apps (e.g. Hootsuite)
– If you’re not happy about a particular connected app having access, you can remove the app entirely by checking the box to the right and selecting ‘Remove’.
– If you select one or more apps and click remove, another dialog box will be shown with an additional checkbox option referring to previous activity e.g. prior posts made using the app.
– Once removed, an app or website will no longer have access to your information, yet they may still retain previously shared information.