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Serious Bug In Apple Mac OS Discovered

Apple is reported to be urgently working on a software update after Turkish developer Lemi Ergin publicly reported a simple but serious bug in its Mac Operating System.


GDPR Could Increase Hackers Ransoms

A researcher has suggested that the GDPR fine structure could lead to cyber-criminals being given price points to set their ransoms at because now they know how much money they should be asking.


Bitcoin Value Tops $10,000

The crypto-currency Bitcoin has now reached a record high of $10,000 (£7,462) after only trading at $1,000 at the start of the year, with some experts saying it’s got further to climb.


Government Could Use Blockchain To Verify Your Identity

A report by the educational charity and think tank ‘Reform’ has suggested that Blockchain technology could be used by the UK government as a more effective, efficient, and modern way to provide verification of the identities of citizens.


Small Businesses Get New OS MasterMap® Data

The government has announced that its new £40m Geospatial Commission will start its strategy of releasing more of the location data held by public bodies to help businesses and boost economic growth, by giving small businesses free access to OS MasterMap® data.


Tech Tip – Sort Outlook Deleted Items by Date Deleted

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted an e-mail and you can’t remember what day it was originally sent to you, and you need to track it down then this is the tip for you. Here’s how it works: