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‘See In The Dark’ Phone Camera

Chinese electronics company Huawei is heading to the European market with a smartphone that uses a long exposure and AI to take photos in near-dark conditions without a flash.


Contactless ‘Pay to Pray’

The Church of England has announced that it will be able to accept contactless card payment for donations at 16,000 churches, cathedrals and religious sites.


£870 Million Super-Cyber-Crook Captured

The suspected leader of the criminal gang behind the Cobalt and Carbanak malware campaigns that targeted banks and netted £870 Million has been arrested in Spain.


Facebook Revamps Privacy Settings

In a move that Facebook says was due to happen before the recent personal data harvesting scandal, the social media giant has updated its privacy tools to make users more informed and in control.


Your Computer Data Stored … On DNA?

British scientists believe they have developed a technique that will enable them to store computer files in DNA code.


Tech Tip – Google Keep

If you need to jot down ideas and to-dos and share them with team members, you may find ‘Google Keep’ a useful tool.