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Xmas Toys – Security Risks

With Christmas just around the corner, consumer watchdog Which? has asked retailers to stop selling some popular internet-connected toys which have “proven” security issues that could allow attackers to take control of the toy or send messages.


Huddle Leaked Business Documents

A flaw has been discovered in the collaboration tool Huddle that is believed to have left private company documents able to be viewed by unauthorised persons.


Google’s Scary Hack Stats

With more than 15% of Internet users reporting takeovers of their email or social networking accounts, new research by Google and the University of California, Berkeley has shed light on how passwords are stolen and how accounts are hacked.


1 In 4 Law Firms Ready For GDPR

A report by managed services provider CenturyLink Emea, shows that despite the threat of up to €20m fines or 4% of annual global turnover for serious data protection failings, only 25% of more than 150 legal sector IT decision-makers said their firms were GDPR ready.


Bad Broadband? Get Automatic Compensation…

Ofcom has announced that broadband and landline customers will be automatically able to get money back from their providers when things go wrong, without having to make a claim for it.


Tech Tip – Android: Have Two WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter Accounts On The Same Device

From Lollipop you can create different user accounts e.g. if you want to keep social and professional separate, or if others use your device. You can, therefore, manage your different identities / accounts with WhatsApp / Facebook / Twitter on the same device.