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iPhone Deliberate Slowdown : Apple Apologise

Tech giant Apple has apologised after it confirmed that long-held customer suspicions that it deliberately slowed down older iPhone models to encourage an upgrade turned to be true.


Lie Detector App

A UK company has developed a lie-detecting app that could be used interviews or other situations where high levels of honesty in (initially) completing forms is required.


Amazon Accused In Birkenstock Misspelling Advert Row

German sandal maker Birkenstock has successfully brought an injunction against Amazon to prevent internet shoppers from being directed to the online marketplace with anything other than the correct spelling of the sandal brand name.


Extremism Tax

UK Minister of State for Security, Ben Wallace, has said that Britain may impose new taxes on tech giants like Google and Facebook unless they do more to combat online extremism by taking down any material aimed at radicalizing people or helping them to prepare terror attacks.


Justice Too Slow With Data Requests Says ICO

The UK’s Secretary of State for Justice has been hit with an Enforcement Notice by the Information Commissioner’s Office over backlogs and poor handling of requests for personal records made under data protection laws.


Tech Tip – Battery Saver In Windows 10

If you need to squeeze the most out of the battery charge of your laptop or tablet, try the Battery Saver feature in Windows 10.